Hello, could we briefly get to know you?

At the age of 17, I embarked on a world tour with a backpack, earning money through simple jobs and constantly traveling. During one of my trips, I discovered China's manufacturing potential, and since then (for 40 years), I have been involved in manufacturing and trading, exporting to the global market. I value nature, sports, and a healthy lifestyle.

This world tour I took at a young age was a turning point in my life. Until then, I had only lived in my own small world, but afterward, I had the opportunity to explore different cultures and meet new people, which allowed me to discover myself. Through these experiences, I learned that everything is possible in life and achieved many things that I initially thought I should give up on.

Having seen the potential in various industries, I decided to leverage it by starting my own business. Although I faced difficulties at the beginning, my business grew over time, and I began exporting to the global market. Quality and customer satisfaction have always been my priorities in manufacturing, which helped me gain customers from different countries. Amidst the busy business life, my passion for a healthy lifestyle and nature became one of the driving forces that kept me connected to life. I am someone who focuses on being present through various activities and continues my adventure in nature whenever possible.

It is commendable that you draw inspiration from nature and pursue a project that is closely intertwined with it. Especially in today's world, the lack of it is strongly felt. While living among buildings and skyscrapers, we fail to realize that our connection with nature is gradually diminishing. What are your thoughts on this?

My passion for the beauty and inspiring power of nature began with my interest in mountain biking. Years ago, I started exploring the magnificent landscapes that nature brought into my life by biking 50-75 km per day in different parts of the world. This strengthened my bond with life.

I embraced swimming in the sea, skiing in snowy mountains, and adopting healthy eating habits. All these activities made nature an indispensable part of my life. In the midst of the negatives you mentioned under current circumstances, the path I chose became an escape and kept my spirit young.

Having spent a significant part of my life in nature, I have always taken care to maintain this connection. Being in harmony with nature can help people escape from the stressful and urbanized life many experience today. Therefore, working on projects related to nature is both a passion and an important responsibility for me.

How did your Kairos Valley adventure begin?

Years ago, during a sailing adventure, I visited the ancient city of Knidos and was captivated. Later, when I delved into the Hippocrates era, I realized that Kos and Knidos had two significant stories in the field of health. This discovery inspired me to establish a healthy living project called Kairos Valley. Our goal is to promote the Datça Peninsula and Knidos globally and influence everyone from China to America with our project. At the core of this project lies the idea of people living in harmony with nature and embracing a healthy lifestyle. With this consciousness, we offer various options, including accommodations, dining, and activities, in addition to hotel services. Thus, we provide our guests not only with a vacation but also with a healthy way of life.

Could you give us information about KAİROS VALLEY and the concept it offers?

I would be happy to provide information about Kairos Valley. Our site is located between two mountains, adorned with a small stream, thousands of trees, and vegetation. The high oxygen level creates an environment that relieves people from stress. The concept of the services we offer focuses on a healthy lifestyle. In addition to activities such as sports, yoga, hiking, biking, fitness, and swimming in a pool, we remind people that holistic therapies, a healthy chef restaurant named Nuvola, and various massage types are essential components of a healthy life.

At Kairos Valley, we offer many different services to help our guests adopt a healthy lifestyle. Our activities take place in nature and fresh air, contributing to both physical and mental well-being. Additionally, our holistic therapies help guests relieve stress and find inner peace. In our healthy chef restaurant, we serve delicious and nutritious meals using organic, local, and fresh ingredients. All of these are part of Kairos Valley's concept of a healthy life.

What should your guests come here for?

As Kairos Valley, we are here to encourage our guests to adopt a healthy lifestyle and free themselves from the negative effects of a stressful life. Our guests can renew themselves with the natural beauty and activities our site offers. Moreover, our holistic therapies, healthy eating concept, and different massage types provide physical and mental relaxation. Therefore, we recommend coming here mainly for a healthy lifestyle, natural beauty, and physical and mental relaxation.

What activities can your guests engage in during their stay at your hotel and experience your uniqueness?

Calling Kairos Valley a "hotel" might not be sufficient; it is more accurate to call it our village. This is because Kairos Valley is a 160-acre healthy living center. Guests who stay here can spend their holidays with many different activity options. They can go on walks and bike tours in our area surrounded by natural beauty, experiencing a close connection with nature. They can also enjoy swimming in our pool and stay fit by exercising in our fitness center.

Our holistic therapies, which support a healthy lifestyle, offer our guests a privileged experience. They can find relaxation and rejuvenation through massages, yoga, and meditation sessions. In our restaurant located in the village, they can savor healthy and delicious meals. With these activities, we provide our guests with a unique holiday experience.

Can you say that Kairos Valley brings a new interpretation to the concept of hospitality with its advantages?

We believe that Kairos Valley brings a new interpretation to the concept of hospitality with its advantages such as the healthy living concept, its location in close proximity to nature, and the chef restaurant offering healthy meals. Our guests not only spend a vacation here but also take care of their bodies and minds. As the trend for a healthy lifestyle continues to grow, we create a difference by offering our guests an accommodation experience that aligns with this trend.

In addition, guests staying at Kairos Valley are surrounded by nature and have an environmentally friendly accommodation experience. Through eco-friendly practices, recycling waste, preserving natural resources, and many other environmentally friendly initiatives, our guests contribute to the environment during their stay.

What are your expectations regarding tourism for 2023, and what would you like to say about the sector in terms of Datça and our country?

My expectations for tourism in 2023 are quite high. The natural beauty, historical richness, sea, and air of Datça have always attracted tourists' attention. Adapting to the changing dynamics of our country's tourism and developing sustainable tourism projects are important steps that benefit both the environment and the local community.

The tourism sector is an important source of income for our country. The development of tourism contributes to our economic growth. Therefore, I believe that efforts should be made to further develop tourism. Additionally, it is important that investments in the tourism sector not only benefit the national economy but also improve the well-being of the local population.

What are the future goals of Kairos Valley?

As Kairos Valley, our future goals include further strengthening the sustainability of our healthy living center, enhancing our facility for the comfort and health of our guests, and increasing our eco-friendly practices. We will also intensify our marketing efforts to reach a wider audience and promote the natural beauty and historical sites in the region. With all these goals, we will continue to provide our guests with an unforgettable experience.