Kairos Valley
Kairos Valley
The Sun Never Sets in The Valley!

Kairos Valley embraces holistic experiences in Datça year-round climate. With a range of programs spanning holidays, relaxation, and transformation, you can immerse yourself in meditation, massage, healthy nourishment, and spiritual teachings during the vibrant spring and summer months.

In autumn and winter, complement your transformative journey with activities like exploring history, nature, cycling, hiking, and trekking. No matter the date or season, simply pack your bags and embark on your adventure!


Experience the extraordinary at Kairos Valley! Get ready to embark on a journey of a lifetime where captivating moments await. With its embracing climate that spans all four seasons, Kairos Valley invites you to indulge in a realm of holiday, relaxation, and transformative programs throughout the year. Immerse yourself in a fusion of meditation, massage, wholesome cuisine, and spiritual enlightenment, all accompanied by the soothing embrace of the sun and sea during the summer months. As autumn and winter unfold, enrich your stay with engaging activities that delve into the realms of history, nature, art, and beyond. Step into Kairos Valley and unlock a world of endless possibilities!

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Sauna is a heating room that promotes the elimination of toxins from the body through sweating at high temperatures.

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Morning yoga practice can help you stretch your body and calm your mind, allowing you to start the day refreshed and relaxed.